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About Us

50 years of heritage

  1. 50 years of color and creativity literally started on a roll when the first COLORBOND® coil was rolled in Port Kembla, Australia.

  2. The colors of Australia made their way to Asia when COLORBOND® was introduced in Singapore and Malaysia.

  3. The diffusion of creativity continued when COLORBOND® was first imported to Vietnam.

  4. The world’s fourth largest country had new tools for its growth when COLORBOND® was introduced in Indonesia.

  5. Why import when you can make? Malaysia manufactured COLORBOND® for the first time, adding local ingenuity to Australian innovation.

  6. It rains a lot in Malaysia and Indonesia, which is great for keeping things clean. That’s why Clean COLORBOND® was designed to resist dirt bonding, so particles remain loose and are easily washed away.

  7. Vietnam was colorful to begin with, but became even more so when the first COLORBOND® painting line was established in the country.

  8. not content with an already impressive color range, COLORBOND® introduceds the Spectrum Series (metallic colors) in Malaysia.

  9. Why let artistry crumble away? COLORBOND® introduced better delamination resistance through the weather-able primer in Malaysia and Indonesia.

  10. Decades of research and innovation came to fruition when COLORBOND® was awarded “Best Brands in Manufaturing” at the SME Chapter Awards in Malaysia.

  11. Asian economies are hot, but so are the summers. COLORBOND® brought relief through Thermatech R (high solar reflectance colors) in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

  12. COLORBOND® shapped the nature-friendly architecture of Bintaro Jaya Xchange mall in Jakarta, delivering not only the flexibility to form its curvy shapes, but also the durability expected of a green building.

  13. One of the world’s top accolades for sustainable design came COLORBOND® ‘s way when Thermatech R achieved LEED Standards in Vietnam.

  14. COLORBOND® comes in many colors but they are all green in a way, having achieved the Singapore Green Building Product certification from the Singapore Green Building Council.

  15. COLORBOND® proved itself capable of supporting the most prestigious projects by adding color to the new Terminal 3 Soekarno-Hatta Airport, the biggest airport terminal building in times.

  16. COLORBOND® looks back on 50 years of creativity while looking forward to making nations more colorful for decades to come.

  17. Launching Activate™ – The breakthrough technology for withstanding severe environments which has set a new industry benchmark for alloy-coated steel technology in Vietnam