Currently, climate change not only affects many aspects of daily life but also affects the fields of production and business activities, construction quality. With pre-engineered steel buildings and factories, in the harsh weather conditions of a tropical country like Vietnam, the heat, humidity, rain, wind evaporation often cause rusting, wind uplift, water leaking, reduces the life of the project, seriously affects production activities and labor safety.

Therefore, choosing the total solution for the roof system will bring long-term peace of mind for the project owner.

In addition to the objective causes from the surrounding environment, the roof overflow phenomenon also comes from the subjective causes in the process of selecting materials and installing, including:

So how to overcome the above problems, minimize risks of water leaking, wind uplift, help investors feel secure when operating production and business activities ?

Understanding the specific problems that customers are facing, with over 165 years of experience from Australia in providing steel solutions for construction works, BlueScope Lysaght has developed and launched LYSAGHT® SMARTSEAM™ THE NEW GENERATION 3600 SEAMING SYSTEM – ZERO LEAKING SOLUTION to solve the above problems, helps the project sustainably over time with outstanding advantages:

  • Water leaking warranty of up 3 years*.
  • (*) Warranty terms and conditions apply

LYSAGHT® SMARTSEAM™ supper high rib 75mm
  • 360º seaming technology improves the water tightness performance: seal as a can.
  • Panel length can be tailored to meet project’s requirements thanks to its availability of on-site roll forming service which minimizes the need for lengthward overlapping and reduces installation cost.
  • Absolutely no screws through the roof sheet, including accessories attached to the roof and flashing, avoid the risk of rust in the screw holes, leading to leaks.

SMARTSEAM™ clip help the connection of sheets not destroys when temperature changes
  • 75mm high rib, the highest rib of market’s standing seam type, meets even the 2% roof slope design. Therefore increasing the usage percentage of project’s space comparing to other market’s offers.
  • Sealant (adhesive glue) for roof systems lasts up to 20 years, synchronizing quality with roofing material.
  • Purlin system has pre-mark screwing location that help to limit errors and install fastly.
  • When the temperature changes, the seam clip with movable tab hook allows the roof system to expand or contract independently of the bottom frame system, preventing deformation and leakage.

How the LYSAGHT®SMARTSEAM™ movable clip works

  • Lysaght products are tested by experiments at NS BlueScope Lysaght technology center (World-class National Association of Testing Authority (NATA) registered laboratory – Australia) and at Independent quality accrediting center, bringing peace of mind to customers.
  • Certified safety and quality by FM Approvals (U.S), meet the stringent investor’s requirements.
  • The high rib and transverse flute reduce wind noise, wind uplift and improve anti-deformation performance.
  • Applying the new generation COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® steel integrated with ACTIVATE™ technology with the unique composition and microstructure of the 4 phases that can improves corrosion resistance, protects project in severe environments such as marine and polluted industrial sites.
  • Improved durable components and accessories which are synchronized with Australian standards such as: ridge flashing, gable flashing, roof curb support frame, ausmesh net… Especially, dome skylight can diffuse natural light without glare or leaving light trails on the floor, help saving electricity consumption costs.

  • Enhancing project’s aesthetics and utilities via Iconic Design & Comfortable Building.
  • Techinicalconsultance at site.
  • (*)Warranty terms and conditions apply

Mr. NGUYEN CAO TRI – President of NS BlueScope Lysaght Vietnam –


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